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Our programs challenge and motivate our clients about leadership and team-building.  They are unique because we provide you with the tools and skills that you can use immediately and then provide you with the opportunity to practice what you have learned in a variety of leadership situations.

All of our primary programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Leadership Excellence in Action Program (LEAP)

We provide the leadership framework (Leadership in Action Program – LEAP) and shape it for your organization. 

Post Course Reinforcement

We provide leadership resources for our graduates to support them in their leadership development.  We develop your leaders to lead  your internal professional development program that follows each of our workshops at your facilities.

Best Practices Handbook

We use the pre-course input from your organization during our workshops to create a personalized leadership handbook that is based on the input from your leaders.

The Leadership Excellence in Action Program (LEAP) is our most comprehensive and relevant program for business. 

The Leadership Development Course is an outdoor leadership experience where leaders solve a series of leadership challenges as teams.


The Leadership Excellence in action program (leap)


The Leadership Excellence in Action Program (LEAP)

Our core program is the Leadership Excellence in Action Program (LEAP).  This program  provides basic, intermediate and advanced leadership skills for the participants.  It is modular and can be tailored for your organization.


  • To develop the core leadership competencies, including building effective relationships, communicating effectively, solving problems, and leading projects.

  • To foster an understanding of the importance of leading yourself first to be more effective as a leader for your organization.

  • To understand the importance of a personal mission statement as a GPS for your personal and professional lives.

  • To recognize the importance of developing a personal leadership philosophy for your team.

  • To understand the roles of a leader as a teacher, mentor, coach, evaluator and role model and their importance.

LEAP has its foundation in the timeless Leadership Traits and Leadership Principles of Marine Corps leaders.  These traits and principles have been validated throughout the 242 year history of the Marine Corps and are being re-validated today by Marines throughout the world. 


The value of these timeless principles lies in their simplicity and their application across a wide spectrum of personal and professional leadership situations.  They are as valid for a business leader as they are for a parent.  They apply to customers, clients, students, team members, family members and our leaders.  When these principles become habits, the result is extraordinarily effective leadership that is easily applied in challenging situations.


Some leaders have a natural ability to lead others.  Others are content to lead themselves.  Regardless of your situation, leadership is the single most cost-effective way to improve the performance of your organization. 

Our programs all include pre-course work and post course follow-up.   The LEAP curriculum consists of the following modules that are interchangeable and easily tailored to your specific needs.




  • Developing a Mission-First, People-Always approach to leadership.

  • Recognizing the relationship between Authority, Accountability and Responsibility.

  • Understanding the importance of continuous ethical behavior.

The Core Skills of Uncommon Leaders

  • Building effective personal & professional relationships.

  • Communicating effectively.

  • Applying the Observation-Orientation-Decision-Action Cycle (OODA) as a problem solving technique.

  • Developing technical competence in a digital world.

Leading People & Teams

  • Recognizing the leadership traits and qualities as an effective self-evaluation tool.

  • Applying the leadership principles to your daily leadership responsibilities.

Roles of a Leader: Teacher-Mentor-Coach-Evaluator-Role Model

  • Becoming a teacher for the people you lead.

  • Mentoring your people either formally or informally.

  • Motivating and inspiring your people with effective coaching.

  • Evaluating your people fairly and consistently.

  • Becoming a Role Model in your personal and professional lives.

Project Leadership

  • Using the Situation-Mission-Execution-Assistance & Support Communication (SMEAC) technique for project leadership.


  • Developing the capability of leading-up to support those who lead you.


  • Developing a personal leadership philosophy to lead your teams/organization that ties it all together.


The Outdoor Leadership reaction Course (lrc)